Sunday, February 10, 2008


Gosh, wonder why I haven't posted for another week? Oh, let's just say battling 14" of snow has put me in a less than optimal mood.

Barkeep... Carbohydrates for everyone! On me!!

This has been the first day without precipitation in about a week - so of course it's now -5 degrees with high winds. But that will clear up tomorrow night. So we can have another 3-5" of snow.

I hate the Midwest.

Almost as much as Maytag.

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onionboy said...

Sheesh, it sure sounds like the winter of my freshman year in 1978-79 (mom is complaining a lot too). I missed 25 days of school that winter because of the weather, I'm sure you missed a similar amount because it wasn't a short drive from your house to the junior high.

A snowplow that got stuck in front our house. Highway 14 got drifted over 20 feet high. Yep, good stuff.