Sunday, February 24, 2008


So sad!

Something tells me summer has already been canceled. Still trying to decide where to move – I don’t think New Zealand will be hot enough for me, but it’s still in the running. There’s another six inches of snow predicted tomorrow. I can’t take any more.

Grammy Albums

This is a bit different: me watching the Grammies and being interested enough to check out two winning albums. The first is Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace by the Foo Fighters. I never took any interest in this band before, but I heard The Pretender on the radio and really liked it. I have mixed feelings about the album, as I don’t care for the title track or quite a few others, but those I like, I like a lot. If anyone out there is a fan, please recommend other albums of theirs I might enjoy. My favorite tracks were The Pretender, Cheer Up Boys and Stranger Things Have Happened. I give it a B-.

Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

What’s not to love with this train wreck of a gal? This certainly isn’t the type of music I usually listen to, but I like this quite a bit. I like the fact that she wrote this and it’s so raw. Reminiscent of early Alanis in that respect. Rehab and You Know I’m No Good are the strongest tracks, but I need to listen a few more times to get familiar with it. A winner. A-.

*Unlike Febreze, this February really stinks!

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