Sunday, January 20, 2008

I So Told You So!

If by contributed, you mean caused...

SAN FRANCISCO - One of the three victims of San Francisco Zoo tiger attack was intoxicated and admitted to yelling and waving at the animal while standing atop the railing of the big cat enclosure, police said in court documents filed Thursday.

Paul Dhaliwal, 19, told the father of Carlos Sousa Jr., 17, who was killed, that the three yelled and waved at the tiger but insisted they never threw anything into its pen to provoke the cat, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

"As a result of this investigation, (police believe) that the tiger may have been taunted/agitated by its eventual victims," according to Inspector Valerie Matthews, who prepared the affidavit. Police believe that "this factor contributed to the tiger escaping from its enclosure and attacking its victims," she said.


The affidavit also cites multiple reports of a group of young men taunting animals at the zoo, the Chronicle reported.

Mark Geragos, an attorney for the Dhaliwal brothers, did not immediately return a call late Thursday by The Associated Press for comment. He has repeatedly said they did not taunt the tiger.

Now, if there was any justice on this planet (which there sure isn't , and despite what religious leaders may tell you, there's no evidence there is anywhere else, so don't get your hopes up) the city would sue these rich punks for unleashing a dangerous animal and endangering the public. Not to mention hold them responsible for their friend's death, and that of the tiger. But of course not.

The likely outcome? Donald Trump will buy the Zoo land for a song and put up condos. He's laughing in his boardroom right now, standing on a tiger skin rug.

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