Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!


We have actual appliance failure folks, just as predicted!!!!

This is too much.

Click on the links below under I'm Seeing a Pattern Here, "Maytag Sucks". You'll see (by waving your mouse over the white text that appeared when this blog was green, long ago) that in March of 2007 our Maytag Dishwasher was recalled.

I guess the insurance lawsuits from thousands of house fires put a little pressure on them to admit they knowingly make and ship dangerous crap and never fess up. So a repair man replaced a switch. Guess what went out? A switch.

When Al opened the unit up you could see repair guy forgot to replace a screw. Whether that had anything to do with the switch malfunction, I am unable to prove, but this is ridiculous. I'm sick and tired of appliance uprisings (see my take on the appliance breakdowns of Biblical proportions here.) and vow revenge on the Maytag Corporation and all its evil issue.

Maytag Sucks!!!!

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