Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lost Readership

The book will be published on September 15
with an initial print run of 5 million copies,
which will be the largest first printing in
publisher Random Houses's history.

Langdon: Hello, I'm Professor Robert Langdon, I was called from Harvard regarding the missing money.

Buxom Bimbo: Harvard? The place with the cow? We used to go there for the parade when I was a kid!

Langdon: Uh.... no, I'm a symbologist.

BB: Oh, you can't eat cows. I'm sorry. Must be hard living there.

Langdon: The money. The missing money?

BB: Yeah, it's supposed to be right here! Millions and millions of dollars.

Langdon: It's a leather bound ledger, looks rather new. It seems to be missing many $$$$, and perhaps more than a few commas.

BB: I told you! There's no money! All that has been left behind is this odd little rectangle.

Langdon: Man, that's one ugly rectangle. Not golden at all.

BB: (gasping) Looks like blood.

Langdon: No, it's ink. Red ink. Over here - look, it's the letters IAWG

BB: Is that the sacred name of God?

Langdon: More powerful than that. It stands for International Affiliation of Writer's Guilds! Do you know what that means?

BB: No!

Langdon: That's no rectangle - that's a Remainder Bin!!!!

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