Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Some people adopt a village in Africa.

Some people find a vaccine for Polio.

Some people volunteer with youths at risk.

And some people buy black cars.

Yep. The time it took me to clean the interior, wash, polish, and wax my RSX S type today was quite significant, yet so worth it. Nothing like being able to see yourself in a plastic bumper.

Speaking of plastic, there are two new cracks in my car that weren't there the last time I washed. I don't know if the harsh winter had something to do with it, but a piece of plastic on the door handle has a crack and the little spoiler on the back has one too. I probably have several cancerous moles on my body that I've never noticed, but I can show you the location of every ding on any car I own.

The next nice weekend? I can look forward to doing it all again for the Vette...

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