Monday, September 08, 2008

Huey Lewis and the No-So-Breaking News

The blur at the far left is Huey... in all his 1.8 megapixel glory...

Saw my honey Huey at the county fair over the Labor Day weekend! He did a fantastic show, although I can't but help thinking this scenario was played out just prior to his appearance on stage...

Huey (on cell phone, peering through window of tour bus): It's a cornfield!
I think I just saw a cow!

Agent: It's Wisconsin.

Huey: There's twelve farmers in the stands...they have rotten produce to
throw! They think I'm the Dixie Chicks!

Agent: You must go on. You signed a contract.

Huey: It's a county fair! I played the White House July Fourth...

Agent: I suggest you read the contract next time.

Huey: You're fired.

I mean really. You know your career isn't what it used to be when you're booked at the local carnival and admission to your show is included with admission to the pig barn.

Seems I'm the big winner here. Yay!! Thank you, Huey. You were great. So were those sows.

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