Monday, September 08, 2008

The Horse Should Have Shouted "No, Don't"

LONDON (AFP) - The author of the international best-selling book The Horse Whisperer was recovering Wednesday after falling ill from eating poisonous mushrooms.

Evans and his wife, along with her brother and his wife, were taken to hospital where it was established they had eaten a rare variety of mushroom called Cortinarius Speciosissimus.

This type of mushroom is highly toxic, with the toxins attacking the kidneys in particular.
Evans and the other three members of his family were then transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where they were given dialysis and other kidney treatment.

The party had picked the mushrooms in local woodland and cooked and ate them on Saturday, August 23, but fell ill the next day.

Did the horse tell him to eat it? Or was it that after they all ate the mushrooms, the horse was whispering all kinds of good stuff???

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KaneCitizen said...

He's in stable condition.