Monday, September 08, 2008

Armegeddon Looming

(Should've stuck with the Wunderoos)

Do you need any further proof that the Great Wal of China has corrupted our very souls by taking what was once great about America and cheapening it to the point of our now being a fourth-world country?
I'm speaking specifically of undergarments. You heard me. Cotton panties. Fruit of the Loom. Famous American company. Read all about them at Wikipedia.
I admit it, I buy them at China-Mart. Produce, soda pop, aspirin, underwear... I just cruise the aisles at the mega-mart all willy-nilly. I see it's back-to-school time and there's a big sale on underwear. Makes sense. Wow! Package of six. $4.88. There's a deal. Oh, wait... if you dig around towards the back of the hangpegs, there's bonus packs! Whoo-hoo! Eight assorted for $4.88. Satisfied I have somehow scammed the Waltons, I check out.
So I come home and decide to open the new package to place in the laundry and take out the old ones from the dresser to discard... Hey! Wait a minute!!! The new panties are 52% thinner!! As in cheesecloth! I can't begin to describe how chintzy the new ones are compared to the first set. Downright see-through.
I blame China-Mart. Why? Their low, low, prices everyday policy states each year their suppliers must lower the price of the product or they will go elsewhere. So - sometime over the last year "Thread" became a luxury they just couldn't continue to provide their loyal customers, even after outsourcing assembly to Honduras. (I also think the Purple Grapes got laid off when they went bankrupt back in 1999.) FOTL also has quite the anti-union stance, just like their buddies from Bentonville.
I see the Wikipedia article cites some unconditional guarantee. Need I start a FOTL Sucks campaign??
Warren Buffet, if you're reading this, I'm NOT SATISFIED!!!
If you need me, I'll be the one in the Emergency Room with clean underwear on - two pair.

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