Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not-So-Fresh Water Gator Spotted

So let me get this straight... if you're a non-native species, you DON'T get pumped full of lead in broad daylight? You get rescued from filthy water and find a nice loving home after years of abuse? Well, despite the inequity, I'm very happy this little herp has found her happy ending.
I hope she was detoxed and bathed before heading to her new home!
First there was a wily coyote in Chicago's downtown. Then an ill-fated cougar on the North Side. Now authorities have captured an alligator in the Chicago River.

An employee of a metal manufacturing company found the 5-foot-long reptile Friday in the river's South Branch.

Anne Kent is director of the city's Animal Care and Control Department. She says the alligator didn't try to attack anyone and was safely pulled from the river by a reptile expert. She says the alligator was likely attracted by carp
in that part of the river.

Officials say the alligator was probably a discarded pet. It's in the custody of the reptile expert.

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Anonymous said...

But the cougar was going to eat 20 cops, eh?