Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No Sex Appeal in the Country

Why did I bother donning silk pants and stilettos for my Sex in the City soiree?

Honestly, I thought ladies were going to dress up for this event. No such luck. I saw some heifers with sparkles on the the T-Shirts they were wearing over their spandex Capri pants, but that was about it. (word to the wise: spandex is a privilege, not a right)

Louise called me Saturday afternoon and we decided to attend a theater in a nearby resort town. Years ago, this town was the playground of the Chicago rich looking to get away from it all on a beautiful Wisconsin lake. I bet Al Capone's gun molls dressed up for a night out at the local speakeasy. Now? Not so much.

I was concerned the tickets would all be sold out before we could get there, so we agreed she would buy the tickets that afternoon in advance.

"You don't mind that I use my senior discount?" she asked. Senior discount? What was AARP down to? 45? How was she going to qualify? I guess they take 'em pretty young.

Since I've never met a discount I didn't like, of course I was on board. Heck, I'd even hunch over on the walk from the car to the door, if that would help save a few bucks.

"Are the tickets bright red or something?" I worried. I imagine I'd look pretty old to a teenage ticket taker, but being busted still scared me. I could just laugh and say, "I'll tell my surgeon you carded me! He'll be so tickled..."

No need to fear. We weren't stopped. No one paid us any mind.

I must say I enjoyed the movie. I thought it much better than expected. (Ok, maybe not Iron Man, but quite good). I did take issue with the ending however. Not to spoil anything, but I wondered why Carrie had to blame herself. I thought it very realistic throughout, including that aspect, it's just sad that some women really do react like that.

Later, we went out to dinner and ordered two.... iced teas. Whoo! Aren't we wild women. Then we went on a shopping spree at.... Super China Mart. Amazingly, my feet didn't hurt at all in snakeskin high heels as we shopped everything from produce to pet supplies.

All in all, a good day with a girlfriend. Isn't that what it's really all about?

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Anonymous said...

Whew! I was afraid you were going to "dis" the movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it, too -- I've been staying up too late watching all the reruns I never saw when the originals ran on HBO. Just a big "continue"! It was great. I do agree that the way Carrie "fixed" things was not exactly what we would have wanted, however, the "aging" Samantha DID act the way we would have wanted. And she did it with grace and dignity.
The dinner we found later was great, even though we didn't go all out with the Cosmos. That in itself is a statement -- we don't HAVE to "go with the flow", and since we are both more interested in driving and exercise, the alcohol doesn't always fit! We definitely got our workout cruising the 20-acre box called a "Super" wallet-cleaner. As usual, I am always up for Marathon Shopping! (Said in a VERY Samantha-voice) -- Louise