Monday, August 04, 2008

While We're On the Topic...

of reptiles and prosthetics...

(Newser) – Three endangered iguanas were brought into the US illegally in a special compartment inside a man's removable prosthetic leg. The Fiji Island Banded Iguana were stolen by Californian Jereme James from a nature preserve in Fiji in 2002. US Fish and Wildlife service began an investigation after a tip-off that he kept the exotic creatures in his home, the BBC reports.

The Banded Iguana, prized for its brilliant green skin, is protected by international treaty. James told an undercover agent that he sold three lizards for $32,000 4 years ago. When officials searched his home in July, they found four more of the prized iguanas, suggesting that James was breeding them. If convicted, he could serve up to five years in prison.
Source BBC

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