Monday, August 04, 2008

Grasping at Straws!!

Or, perhaps blowin' like Antrhax in the wind?

Am I the only one who does NOT belive my government's contention that Bruce Ivans was a mad anthrax killer who just committed suicide to evade law enforcement officials? Obsessed with a sorority? C'mon. You can do better.

Let's try this scenario: he killed himself because of harassment from the government. Nothing like being framed to make you want to go on, now is there? Or perhaps it wasn't suicide at all!

Multiple U.S. officials told The Associated Press that former Army scientist Bruce Ivins was long obsessed with the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, going back as far as his own college days at the University of Cincinnati.

Just like multiple sources claimed WMD in Iraq... causing multiple senators to vote for military action...

Despite the connection between Ivins and the sorority, authorities acknowledge they cannot place the scientist in Princeton the day the anthrax was mailed. That remains a hole in the government's case. Had Ivins not killed himself last week, authorities would have argued he could have made the seven-hour round trip to Princeton after work.

Hole in the case, hole in the suspect, ...yeah. Lots of holes.

Katherine Breckinridge Graham, a Kappa alumna who serves as an adviser to the sorority's Princeton chapter, said Monday she was interviewed by FBI agents "over the last couple of years" about the case. She said she could not provide any details about the interview because she signed an FBI nondisclosure form.

Years of probing questions about pillow fights failed to produce an arrest?

Five people died and 17 others sickened by the anthrax plot, which was launched on the heels of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Look no further than the current administration for the reasons behind this little scare tactic.

FBI agents immediately began canvassing the town, showing residents a photograph of Army scientist Steven J. Hatfill, who at the time was a key "person of interest" in the case.
That theory fell flat and this June, the Justice Department exonerated Hatfill and agreed to a $5.8 million settlement with him.

But I should believe this investigation is 100% correct and on the up-and-up...

In the past year, the FBI has turned a close eye on Ivins, whom a therapist said had a history of homicidal and sociopathic behavior.

"A Therapist". Not HIS therapist, just A therapist. Like in those celebrity magazines where they say "Dr. So and So does not treat Britney Spears, but says shaving your head can indicate..." History of homicidal and sociopathic behavior? Like this blog?!

Prosecutors had planned to indict Ivins and seek the death penalty but, knowing investigators were closing in, he killed himself with an overdose of acetaminophen, the key ingredient in Tylenol.

Which reminds me, there never was a conviction in the Tylenol Killer case. Can we blame that on him too? Just to save taxpayer money?

With its top suspect now dead, the Justice Department is considering closing the "Amerithrax" investigations.

So Dick Cheeny can't be tried for the crime?

It has been among the FBI's most publicized unsolved cases and, if it is closed, authorities are expected to unseal court documents that outline much of their case against Ivins.

Not holding my breath for that work of fiction.

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