Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hoax Days of Summer

From Yahoo Buzz:

A Chupa- what?
Early in the week, video footage emerged of a supposed Chupacabra, the mythological beast said to feast on the blood of farm animals and haunt parts of the U.S. and Latin America. Captured on tape by a Texas sheriff's deputy, the four-legged creature lopes ahead of the police vehicle, at one point turning its face to flash a long, bulbous snout.
Real? Who knows? Some investigators say the animal is possibly a coyote-fox mix; a biologist says it's a pit bull. Regardless, searches for "chupacabra texas" rose 13,424% over the past week, while the deputy's video clip ascended to the #1 spot in the week's top buzzing stories.

I must confess to being one of those searchers... any thing to avoid campaign coverage.

A Big- who?
Within days of the Chupacabra video, news broke that two men in northern Georgia had found the corpse of a Bigfoot—or so they claimed. Though the press conference to present the "evidence" wouldn't happen until the end of the week, the buzz around the revelation quickly reached a fevered pitch.

Pluh-eeze. I saw a picture of one of the guys, he looks real credible. More like PT Barnum, if you ask me. Nice to realize this is the only "Georgia" search term the average American is seeking information on...

In just one day, more than 100 distinct searches related to the hairy monster besieged the Search box. In Buzz, a CNET article on the fervor topped the week's most popular science stories. Regrettably, the Friday press event left many questions unanswered.

I guess I can finally admit to keeping the Loch Ness monster in my garage. I just hose her down now and then to keep her moist. Missing your cat? Might want to check my compost pile. Little collars with bells tend to come back up.

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