Sunday, May 11, 2008

Take this Sandbag, Or I'll Shoot

YANGON (Reuters) - Desperate survivors of Cyclone Nargis headed out of Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta in search of food, water and medicine, but aid workers said on Sunday that thousands will die if emergency supplies don't get through soon.

Hmm...Hundreds of thousands of lives are dependent on aid efforts after a hurricane wipes out of miles of coastland... Sounds like another FEMA fiasco to me.

But wait! Shawn W Crispin, Asia Times Online's Southeast Asia Editor, thinks U.S. intervention is just what's needed. FORCEFUL intervention, no less! Read his take on the situation

This time, it is almost sure-fire that Myanmar's desperate population would warmly welcome a US-led humanitarian intervention, considering that its own government is now withholding emergency supplies. Like his father then, Bush is now clearly focused on his presidential legacy, which to date will be judged harshly due to his government's controversial pre-emptive military policies, waged until now exclusively in the name of fighting global terror.

Clean water at the point of a sword? We've done worse.

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