Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can Big Brown Deliver?

Is there anything left in America that does not have corporate sponsorship? Oh, wait, this blog...

Frankly, I'm still upset about jockeys wearing advertisements like NASCAR drivers. (Although I would be the first in line to sign my winning horse up for every product endorsement I could think of, from Wheaties* Boxes to Hanes Horse Blankets and Nike Air Horseshoes...)

Now if Fed Ex sponsored a horse, maybe we'd have a race. A match race would be cool.
Or this - "And they're spinning out of the final turn and it's neck and neck for Fed Ex and Big Brown passing a fading Snail Mail. Wait, what's this? It's Instant Message on the outside! Instant Message is closing the gap, and it's Instant Message by a nanosecond! Fed Ex second, Big Brown to show, followed by Snail Mail and a disgraced Telegraph in last..."

*Wheatie Whinneys, now with more real wheat!

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