Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Could Have Told You That

Love Affair With New Cars Lasts Longer for Women

It’s called the “honeymoon period” and it doesn’t just apply to your spouse. It also covers swooning for that brand-new car, and it turns out women love their new cars longer than men do.

According to a survey conducted by, women are more than three times more likely to stay in love with their car longer than men. A woman’s average honeymoon period lasts 14 months, while men only make it about four months before the luster of the new-car relationship wears off. I still love my cars - many years later.

The poll of approximately 2,500 drivers also breaks down the moment people know the magic is gone.

For women, the automotive love affair is over when they let a spouse finally drive it (39%), Ha! start carpooling with other people’s kids (24%),Never eat in the car (12%),I'm OK with this now put makeup on in the car while driving (9% — and also a big no-no) Why not? and leave clothes in the car (6%). Does a Gym Bag count?

Men know the flame has expired when they park around other cars (33%),Still touchy about this! start transporting sports equipment (22%),Rollerblades in a bag are not a problem clean their cars less frequently (17%),Gasp! are bothered by high payments (12%) Always and don’t care who drives on long trips (3%). Oh, yeah, I like to let the hitchhiker take over...

Our only editorial comment on this poll is we bet most of the 22% of guys who cited “transporting sports equipment” were likely just trying to impress a female pollster.

Survey: Women Love Their New Cars Longer Than Men (DriveOn)

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Louise said...

I fall in love with a car when I buy it (after months, sometimes years of research and pining)and there have been times when I've cried as the carcass was loaded on the flatbed! I love my cars!