Thursday, January 01, 2009

Auto Use Vs. Auto Abuse

Auto Use
(Which should not be illegal when done safely in appropriate conditions, let alone called 'criminal' speeding, punishable by up to three months imprisonment. Criminal speeding could be fleeing a bank you just robbed, not 'hey, it's gorgeous out and I've got a V8.' Intent people. Intent.)
Dillon, 44, who got a 2006 Oscar nomination for the movie Crash, was driving at 171 km/h in a maximum 105 km/h zone, Vermont police Sergeant Tara Thomas told AFP. If found guilty he faces up to three months imprisonment, or a fine of up to 300 dollars, or both, she said. Thomas described the star, also well known for his role in There's something about Mary, as "as extremely cooperative, very polite."

Auto Abuse (sad)

Charles Barkley was arrested early Wednesday in Arizona on charges of driving while impaired. I like him, I was disappointed to hear this. Hope he gets back on track.

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