Monday, January 05, 2009

The No-SX

Now I am the first to cry foul when the words "Japanese" and "Supercar" are uttered in the same breath, but I also must confess to loving my Acura like no other car since that adorable little X-19 came into my life. So I admit to feeling a little hurt when I read Honda has officially killed off any plans to produce the NSX Acura V10 monster rumored to be in the later stages of development.

I can't profess to being a fan of the whole NSX idea, as my RSX S-Type was discontinued so they could pursue this silly dream of a $100K race car. Why drop your only cheap, sporty, two door coupe? If you can't make those sales figures, why bother with the supercar? Oh, wait, I'm not an automobile executive making millions, so my ideas must be crappy. Although, I understand that Takeo Fukui, Honda's 61-year-old president runs the company from a desk in the center of the 10th floor HQ's and Executives at Honda don't have offices and 36 board members share $13 million in salary and bonus, which is just about enough for one boss at a big American company. They also are taking 10% pay cuts this year, things are so bad.

Bottom Line: Where's that Corvette Coupon? I've been checking my mailbox GM. Don't disappoint your shareholders.

Other item to ponder: What will happen to those basically-finished prototypes??

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