Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Snow Thanks

Well, it's official. We've exceeded all previous snowfall totals for this area, and more is on the way. I'm taking my fish (and lizards, and turtles, and...) and moving far, far away. Near the equator.

Friday’s half-foot of snow pushed the county’s average winter total to 77.8 inches, topping the previous mark of 74.5 inches that fell in the 1978-79 winter season


onionboy said...

and you had to live through BOTH of those winters, some how it seems fair to me.

mom and i were talking about 78-79, rt 14 drifted over 28ft high in one point south of woodstock. i remember it because marian had 25 snow days that winter. must have been fun for you riding the bus from as far south as the bus went to the north side of town.

Shera said...

Yep! I too have fond memories of the blizzard of 79! Marian snow days were long ones! That was also the year we (all the neighbor kids) took sleds over to the farm with buckets to bring home milk because the milk trucks could not get through. We had lots of hot chocolate that year. Yum! (and homemade chocolate chip cookies)

Get A Life! said...

You've plowed right into the heart of the matter, Onionboy! Without a big yellow bus to drive me around, even milk and cookies don't warm my heart. Or toes.

Get A Life! said...
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