Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cashmere Karma

As I've mentioned
before, my lust for cheap Cashmere has helped fuel an environmental disaster halfway across the globe. Now comes reports that thousands of the shaggy goats face starvation due to blizzards in India (Or is that Pakistan? Both claim the region). These are the Real McCoy goats - China can produce wool, but it's technically not 'Cashmere', now is it?

SRINAGAR, India—More than 100,000 Himalayan goats -- famed for their pashmina wool -- or cashmere -- face starvation after their desert habitat was blanketed with snow, while three people died during the region's worst storms in three decades, officials said Thursday.

"This is the heaviest snowfall in the last three decades in the region.
Being a cold desert, Ladakh usually receives about 10 centimeters (4 inches) of precipitation in a year, but this year about 2 feet of snow has accumulated,"said M.K. Bhandari, a local government official.

Sounds like my area! Somewhere, Al Gore is doing the I Told You So dance...

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Anonymous said...

"It's not nice to f--k with Mother Nature!"