Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Didn't I Think of That?!

I HATE it when somebody thinks up the perfect word or phrase, and that somebody is not me!

Thanks to Jalopnik, I will now steal the term "Carpocalypse Now"and pretend I made it up.

Personal examples of Carpocalypse?

The price of gas skyrocketing again before I can install a 50,000 gallon underground tank. Or cut a deal with some pirates.

The Illegality of selling human organs. Two Kidneys. One Corvette. There is so much wrong with this equation.

Watching an Aston Martin destroyed in a James Bond film. Why doesn't James just admit the car is the only love of his life that never let him down?

Automakers claiming 'corporate policy' dictates their executives must take private jets for 'security reasons'. Gee, wonder why they're so hated? Maybe they could walk out onto the production floor and ask that big burly guy with a wrench...

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