Thursday, November 27, 2008

Paperless does not equal Tasteless

Just received an email asking if I would like to stop paper credit card statements from being mailed out in favor of an on-line notice. Great! I'd love to save a few trees and do something for the environment. We should all seek to reduce our carbon footprint.

However - the notice tried to further tempt me into good behavior by noting if I signed up for paperless statements, I'd be entered into a drawing for a Toyota Prius. Ug.

Sure, that's environmentally responsible. But would I be seen in one? Not likely. Life is too short to drive ugly, low-performance vehicles. Sure, free is good. And who cares what lingers in the parking lot at China-mart? Well, I do. So I'd like to decrease my carbon footprint by recycling, reducing, resusing... all so I can keep driving high performance gas-guzzling truly cool machines.

It's all about tradeoffs.

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