Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The OM Team

Yoga as an Olympic sport?

Sure! Why not?

No stupider than synchronized swimming. Or that thingie where you ski around in a circle and shoot...

I mean, I can see where once upon a time the skills of skiing and shooting could be linked to survival, but choreographed crawls? Is there some evidence linking precise repetitive flower-formation movements to a decrease in shark attacks or something?

Anyhoo... on the heels of a movement to make yoga an Olympic sport comes the news that my yoga teacher is moving away! No amount of 'cleansing breaths' is going to make that any better, she's the best one I've ever found. How can she move? Oh well, Om is where the heart is, I suppose.

Class time recently changed to a slightly later start, yet I'm still late. It's like football, miss that kick-off namaste and you might as well throw in the towel. So much for yoga fostering discipline.

Just the other day Louise was asking me what my class was like so we could compare it to hers....

Me: Militant.

Louise: Militant?

Me: Yeah, I think we're in training for some Hindu national army or something. I think chaturanga is a call to arms...

Louise: Mine is called Gentle Stretch, but it's a real workout.

Me: Everyone else in my class is so fit. And coordinated. I'm such a lump.

Louise: My group was impressed with how flexible I was from the first class I tried...

Me: Yeah, there's some real show-offs like that in our group. I think they're cheating.

Louise: Cheating?

Me: You know, like practicing throughout the week. It's a really challenging class. The most rigorous I've ever taken.

Louise: what is your class working on?

Me: Levitation.

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