Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day Four

No problem today. Too busy with other mundane matters to even consider shopping. I will need to grocery shop tomorrow, and that could potentially be a minefield, as I enjoy the mega-mart stores that offer clothes, tires, cosmetics, etc. in addition to food. Am I even allowed to enjoy food shopping? Perhaps I should just buy stuff I hate. Like vegetables.

I’ve thought up another ‘exception’ to the shopping rule. A shopping trip instigated by a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a while. Or maybe, never even met…

Emergency Shopping Situation #3

Telephone: Ring! Ring!

Me: Hello?

Voice: Please hold for the First Lady of the United States.

Me: Wha?

Michelle: Good Morning, this is Michelle Obama calling. I just wanted to invite you to a shopping trip down the Magnificent Mile with me this weekend. The girls and I are going to be in town visiting some relatives and we thought you would be just the person to accompany us to look for some holiday outfits to wear for the annual White House Christmas special. Oh, I do hope you’ll be free.

Me: Um, well, see…

Michelle: Did I mention Carla Bruni is flying in too? She’d love to meet you. You’re one of her fashion idols, you know.

Like I should pass that up.

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