Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best 'O the Bankrupt

From the Corvette Museum of America:

JD Power Results are in and Corvette was ranked the Best GM Model! The Chevy Corvette score came in at 71 PPH (problems per hundred), placing it at the top of the pack for all GM models.

This score is an improvement of 21 points over last year’s score of 92 PPH. In addition, Corvette came in at the top of its segment – beating Porsche by 1 PPH. We appreciate the hard work of the Corvette Team and look forward to seeing more great American Sports Cars!

Should I be excited about being the best of a failing lineup? Top of a segment -high end sports cars - known for the worst repair records? Beating the at-least-double priced Porsche by a hair?

At least it was a big improvement for the model in general over last year. I wonder if this ranking is for 2008 models, or what. I need to find out which ones to stay away from.

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